Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Everyone has a purpose and everyone has been given vision, however great vision is usually given to those who have the wider scope and having the wider scope is a choice. Having a great vision has nothing to do with who is better than who, or who has the most talent; instead all of those who have been given great vision have at least one thing in common and that is their vision is fuelled in the thoughts of bringing solutions to others.
These great visionaries have the hugest hearts and wear their hearts out in the open. In fact every great visionary that I have learned about, happens to be a huge giver; they’re not afraid to be vulnerable and they will often times put their trust in people who would never do the same. History shares with us, how many great visionaries were often betrayed by their closest allies; but if there is one thing I noticed, it is that, they never stop giving. Why? Just why were these great visionaries willing to put their name, or their life on the line with no guarantees?
It might seem difficult to understand, but if studied you will notice the same thing runs through each and every one of them. Their focus is always on the fact that they are the vessel. It is with the ability to surrender their selfish desires to aid a greater purpose that they are lifted to heights that give them a greater awareness and a view that is literally irreversible. Having had their vision expanded to see the possibilities that would occur through them if they were only willing, compels them to achieve feats that most of us will only read about long after it has happened or in our history books. Many of us will have even rubbed shoulders with budding great visionaries, but because our vision is limited we miss them and ultimately miss the message they bring.
However make no mistake everyone is capable of being a great visionary, but many will never look beyond their own reach to see it. So why are they given great visions? These visionaries can be trusted because of their willingness; having been tested, they are humble enough to learn from others and so are given the ability to lead others. They don’t seek greatness just to say they are great, they seek greatness because they’ve been given a vision of greatness and have a great desire to lift others to greatness. They want for others what they want for themselves and they spend their lives creating ways to do that.
To all of us who are budding great visionaries let us remember, the size of our vision has always been and will always be up to us. What we create is up to us. What we allow to flow through us is up to us. Our willingness is like a huge vessel connected to us; and those that allow that vessel to be expanded are given the greatest visions