Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Etr Machine Quorion cr 20 Simplified Manual Dejavu 0711558758

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Switch on the Machine..Displays rEg
Enter the amount in cash
E.g. 200 enter 200 remember PRESS THE 00
Press the respective department:

Dept1 if it’s Vatable (if you make a wrong entry press EC)
Dept2 if it’s NON-Vatable
Dept3 if it’s Exempt
Press subtotal (Enter the amount given)
Confirm the Amount (Incase Amount is wrong go to step 2. Else
Then Press Cash
2.NB(To Void)
Eg you entered 200,000.00 instead of 2000.00
-Press VOID
-Enter 200,000.00
-Press the Dept.
Use of the SUB TOTAL key is advised so that you can confirm your entries since once you press CASH, you can’t reverse that transaction.
Switch on the ETR
Press X Key 3 times
It will display Z
Press 1 then Cash. Alternatively, you can press Cash twice
In case u see confirm?
just press 1 then subtotal it will print the report
Press 3 then Cash

NB: Do this before and after every completing your transaction  for the day
Switch on the ETR
Press X Key 3 times
It will display Z
Press 253 then  cash Displays Start
Enter the first date u want to start taking your report e.g. for January, enter 010111(ddmmyy) <Press cash
Enter the last date you are taking your report .e.g. 310111. Press Cash

It will print the Monthly report\