Wednesday, 11 February 2015

tsl etr machine simplified manual

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  1. Hold down the C key until machine comes on/goes off

  1. Sale Mode
  2. X – Report Mode
  3. Z Report Mode

TO CHANGE FROM ONE MODE TO THE OTHER    etr machines etr machines
  1. Type the Mode number (1, 2 or 3)
  2. Press SUBTOTAL Key

This is done when machine is in SALE mode (indicated by 0 on the screen)

1.       Enter the AMOUNT of sale (VAT inclusive where applicable)
2.       Press PRICE key
3.       Type number the department number 1 or 2 (refer to your department list)
4.       Press the PLU key
5.       Press SUBTOTAL Key (confirm that the amount on screen is correct.  If  not refer to error correction step below)
6.       If amount is correct Press F, 6 ( for Invoice) or OK (for Cash)

Error Correction

If the amount displayed after Subtotal key is incorrect, press F, C keys to cancel receipt

Printing a Z Daily Report

This report MUST be printed:
·    On the first  and last days of every month irrespective of whether sales have been entered in the machine on that day or not and
·    Always at the end of day when values are entered in the machine
NB: Only one Z report can be printed on a day and at the close of the day’s business

The steps are as below
1.       Press 3, SUBTOTAL keys
2.       Press OK key
3.       Press OK key
4.       Press OK key

Monthly Report (Periodic Report) etr machines @ dejavu technologies ltd

Printed to show sale values for a specified month or period and normally accompanies the KRA VAT returns.  It is normally very accurate if Z reports are printed on the correct dates.

1.       Type 2 then press SUBTOTAL key
2.       Press 5 and then  OK key
3.       Enter starting date of the month e.g. 010109 (1st January 2009) and press OK
4.       Enter ending date of the month e.g. 310109 (31st January 2009) and press OK
5.       Press PLU once to see “Summary” and press OK