Friday, 8 July 2016

Dejavu Technologies Ltd Aclas Etr Machine 0712097340

Dejavu Technologies Ltd:
*Fiscal Printers and Esds'* Both Portable and Computer Based.Service and Maintenance Also Available😀
*CASH* *REGISTERS* Both Fiscal (etr) and non Fiscal (normal)🔝.🍱
Automatic. 4 s/markets and shops.💔
*POS* *SCANNERS* Both hand held and Table mounted.Zebra,Micropos,Posiflex,Symbol.🤑
*POS* *THERMAL* *PRINTERS* Epos,Epson,Bixolon.🖨Usb,Parallel,Network,Serial.
*POS* *DOTMATRIX* *PRINTERS* Used mainly when u want carbonated receipts. Banks,Bureaus.Epos,Epson,Bixolon.💾
*POS* *TOUCH*🙌 Both Complete and Monitors only.
Normal and Professional.
 *DESKTOP COMPUTERS* New & Refurbished.
 *LAPTOPS* New & Refurbished.
📞 *Dejavu Tech📞0712097340,0711558758,0726106253*
*Moi Ave.Rahimtullah bldng 1st Flr Rm16.*
Dejavu Technologies Ltd: 'You don't learn to walk by following rules,u learn by doing and falling over'