Thursday, 12 January 2017

Etr Machine Aclas Crbx 0711558758,0726106253,0712097340

Get Etr Machine from Dejavu Technologies Rahimtullah Trust Building 1st Flr room 16.Get free Training,Programming,Kra document processing and 1yr warranty.
*We are back from 4th Jan.2017.(OfferExtended)
Buy new best selling Aclas Etr Machine now and get Free gift with every purchase (5 ROLLS + 2017 DIARY), be the 1st to get huge 30% off once in a life save.Call Eunice 0711558758,Christine 0712097340,Ann 0726106253.Thankyou

etr machine aclas crbx Dejavu Technologies 0711558758

etr machine Aclas crbx dejavu Technologies 0712097340

etr machine aclas crbx Dejavu Technologies 0726106253

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