Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Syble xb 3080 Syble 3120 Pos scanners Barcode scanner Dejavu 0711558758

Get Point Of Sale Barcode Scanners,good quality,reliable with warranty,fast easy to install usb plug and play.
Call point of sale centre,Dejavu Technologies Ltd Rahimtullah trust building.!st floor room 16. 0711558758,0712097340,0726106253 nairobi.Free delivery country wide.Thanks

Syble XB-3080 Big Eye 360 Degree Barcode Scanner,rugged laser Scanning Platform

1. 20 lines laser - easy to read the barcodes
2. Scan speed up to 1500 time /sec
3. 5 directional for scan Angle
4. Simple and easy set,  online update supported

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